Today, homeowners across the Greater Toronto Area are demanding more from every element of their outdoor space, leading to the rise in popularity of elegant surface features, including interlock driveways, patios and walkways. These beautiful features offer a unique look and feel that can be customized to the property owner’s style. With proper regular maintenance, these tasteful interlocking features will last a lifetime.

Picasso Constructions’ interlock paver clean and seal service begins by using an industrial-strength power washer to blast away dirt and grime. We then scrub the surface with a specialized cleaning solution that ensures no unwanted particles are left behind. This step also removes the old, discoloured sealant, along with any rust, tire marks or stains left by leaks from your vehicle.

Once the surface is clean, we apply high-grade polymeric stabilizing sand that is specifically formulated for achieving optimum bonding. The stabilizing sand is packed into any cracks to leave a smooth, uniform look. This secures the interlock pavers to reduce washouts, erosions and weed growth. We then seal the surface using an industrial clear coating. This stone sealant protects your interlocked driveway, patio or walkway against weathering and stains.

For more on how you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your interlock driveway, walkway or patio, call Picasso Construction for a free consultation.