If you want your driveway to have as much personality as the rest of your beautifully landscaped property, then an interlock driveway is the way to go. Because of how it enhances the appearance of property, adding charm and elegance that the asphalt simply can’t achieve, interlock driveways have become a popular choice among homeowners across Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill and the rest of the GTA.

One of the key factors in its appeal is its customizability. Interlock driveways can be created using a wide variety of materials laid out in any number of unique patterns. Colours can be changed to fit a homeowner’s preference, and depending on the size, shape and finish of each stone, the final product can give a look completely unique to its specific property.

Interlock driveways are also highly durable, especially when faced with the harsh realities of Canadian winters. Asphalt and concrete expands and contracts in the cold, causing cracking in the spring, which will eventually need to be patched or fully repaved. Interlock driveways, however, are made of individual stone pavers, which move with the shifting and heaving of the ground to avoid damage. Over the long term, interlocking driveways require little maintenance and retain their value.

Picasso Construction has installed numerous interlocking driveways across the GTA. We have the experience and vision to design and build a beautiful interlock driveway that is tailored to your personal taste and raises the value and prestige of your home.