While retaining walls are rooted in a very practical purpose, today they serve both as durable solutions to landscaping issues as well as beautiful features that add an interesting dynamic to your yard. With the right planning and artistic touch, a retaining wall can be that unique element that gives your property a distinct character and elevates your home’s overall value.

From a practical point of view, retaining walls provide support to your property and prevent earth from eroding away. They offset the lateral force of sloped land, managing water runoff and soil erosion. When built correctly, a retaining wall can absorb tons of weight and hold back earth and water for years without a problem. Because of their low maintenance and high durability, once it’s erected they rarely require repair or upkeep.

But they aren’t just defensive measures. Retaining walls also create opportunities. By levelling the land, they create useable space, such as terraces that can be used for raised gardens. For those who like to get creative, they can also add different levels to an otherwise flat yard for striking effect.

Retaining walls also become beautiful design features in and of themselves. Homeowners have a wide selection of stone and rock types available and a variety of design options to choose from. From a traditional stone-and-mortar wall to a dry-stack wall, you can customize your retaining wall to the style of your yard. When properly installed, a beautiful retaining wall can also increase your property value.

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