One of the most important aspects of a lush and healthy yard is proper sodding and grading. The level of your yard and the quality of your grass may seem like an afterthought to the more extravagant outdoor features — your beautiful patio, your sweeping deck, your mood-setting water feature — but they are a crucial aspect of the foundation of your yard and determine how your property will perform over time.

Grading is the process of levelling the earth of your property. A proper grade gives a smooth, even look that will help channel precipitation away from the foundation of your home to ensure proper surface drainage and prevent ponding, unstable soil conditions and erosion from damaging your home.

High-quality sodding is also key to a healthy landscape. To ensure thick, strong growth, quality sod is grown on special farms under ideal conditions, which includes high-quality soil and proper watering and fertilization techniques. The resulting product is a lush, dense, healthy grass with strong roots. This helps prevent soil erosion from rain and other precipitation that seeded lawns can succumb to.

At Picasso Construction, our team of expert landscapers can help bring your property up to code with proper grading and give your home that healthy, vibrant look only achieved through the use of properly laid, high-quality sod. Call us today for a consultation.