The benefits of interlock driveway, patios and walkways over asphalt and concrete

There comes a time when every homeowner faces the inevitable task of re-doing their driveway. For many years your choices were quite limited, with asphalt and/or concrete being the only options. Although these are widely accepted as the go-to material for your driveway, here at Picasso Construction we offer another superior alternative for our clients: interlocking pavers. Interlock pavers not only bring more value to your home, but, let’s face it – it also adds a much more pleasing curb appeal than asphalt.

These interlock pavers allow for you to customize the look of your driveway with an array of colour, shapes, and patterns in comparison to the plain fading asphalt or staining concrete. When using asphalt or concrete, there are not typically many opportunities for variability or choice. This vast selection that you can utilize to attain your ideal look using interlocking pavers can allow you to tie in your outdoor projects with the aesthetic or architectural style of your home.

When it comes to maintenance you will be pleased to discover how simple it is. As the pavers are singular pieces, should any of them become damaged it is a quick and painless process to remove those specific pieces and replace them. Whereas, with asphalt or concrete you may have to engage in repairs or restorations multiple times a year, to deal with the cracks and stains that can accumulate.

One reason that asphalt and large slabs of concrete fail is due to the fluctuations in temperature we experience living in Canada. With the sweltering heat that can occur in the summer and the often below freezing temperatures that ensue in winter, asphalt does not allow for very much flexibility, when the material contracts and/or expands with the temperature changes. With the interlocking pavers, the space between each piece allows for this expansion and contraction to happen with little to no effect on the material. Though interlocking pavers can be slightly more expensive during the installation process, in the long run they will likely cost you less due to the lack of necessity for repair.

Regardless of the scope or location of your project, be it a driveway, a patio or a walkway, it is clear that interlocking pavers come out as the top choice. Whether it is the economic benefit or the aesthetic benefit, you will not be disappointed utilizing this material for your next project.